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Dr. Youngblood is unique in that she brings an individualized holistic approach to her client relationships that has proven to be extremely effective in achieving remarkable results for our clients overall health and beauty.

Functional Medicine

San Diego Functional Medicine

Functional medicine practitioners promote wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying factors that influence every patient’s experience of health and disease.

Skin Treatments

San Diego Skin Treatments

Everyone wants great, healthy looking skin. It is the largest organ in our body and the first line of defense against harmful bacteria and radiation.

Age Management

San Diego Age Management

Identify, mitigate and remove the restrictions and obstructions that cause dis-ease and prevent one from fully experiencing and enjoying life.

Stress Reduction

San Diego Stress Reduction Help

Find out how to take steps to combat the impact of stress, and learn how to more effectively deal with stressful situations in your life.

Bio Identical Hormones

San Diego Bio Identical Hormones

Balance yourself naturally. Bio-identical hormones are forms of hormones that have been created in accordance with the natural hormones of the human body.

Cellulite Solutions

San Diego Cellulite

Diet and exercise alone do not seem to improve the appearance of dimples and ripples in the skin. We can help you achieve younger-looking, more radiant skin.