If you are longing to correct that unsightly cottage cheese textured, orange-peel appearing skin, then Endermologie® may be just what you need. More than 80% of post-adolescent women are affected by cellulite. Diet and exercise alone do not seem to improve the appearance of dimples and ripples in the skin. Endermologie® is a non-invasive massage treatment that when combined with a diet and exercise regimen will reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and redefine your figure.

Daphne Youngblood is certified in Endermologie®, and performs the procedure at YBI. Call us to schedule an appointment, or for a complimentary consultation to see how Endermologie® can benefit you.

What is treatment like?

During the thirty-minute session you will wear a specially fashioned body garment designed to optimize the effectiveness of the therapy and maximize comfort. Photographs will be taken prior to your first treatment and throughout your program to document visual changes and monitor your progress. Our trained technician then performs a massage-like procedure utilizing a hand piece that passes over the surface of your skin in a variety of movements. This therapy increases local circulation, which aids the body’s ability to metabolize fat and eliminate waste and toxins. The treatment also stimulates the dermis and accelerates the exfoliation of skin cells, which enhances the appearance of your skin.

What type of results will I see?

Within 5 to 7 weeks of scheduled sessions, you should notice some reduction in girth and dimpling, a minimizing of the appearance of stretch marks and benefits to the quality of your skin’s texture. Patients can see perceptible improvement in overall skin appearance by using Endermologie® and by following our cellulite reduction program.