Ionithermie® Detox Program

Ionithermie® Detox is a European treatment for the correction of cellulite, improvement of muscle tone & skin elasticity. The secret is in the patented & clinically proven thermal clay; emulsifying trapped toxins, stimulating your bodies internal system to remineralize and increase your metabolic rate, raising your energy levels, slimming & toning your skin leaving you looking the way you have always envisioned. With just one treatment session you can lose 1-8 real inches, keep them off and smooth out the ‘orange peel’ effects of cellulite.

First, skin is dry brushed, then coated with a slimming cocktail and sandwiched between layers of warm clay before you’re hooked up to six very small electrodes. The initially odd-feeling—yet quickly relaxing—current conduction session lasts for half an hour. For lasting results, it is recommended to have a series of 5-10 treatments to most “effectively emulsify the hardened toxins that make up cellulite.” The program includes an essential home slimming kit.

To see for yourself, call Daphne, our certified cellulite specialist and arrange a complimentary consultation.