Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is personalized science based medicine. It is a comprehensive approach to prevention and treating the root cause of imbalance in the body. Each person is similar, but uniquely different biochemically, so one size does not fit all. Our approach is individualized and health centered, not dis-ease centered.

San Diego Functional MedicineWe know that health is 20% inherited (Genomic) and 80% environmental and lifestyle choices. This means that you can largely control your health and modify your risks for disease via your diet (Nutrigenomics) and lifestyle choices. Given the knowledge and guidance, you can learn to create the life that you want.

Food is medicine. Using that understanding as our basis, we use nutritional and specialized testing combined with diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplementation and medications to help you manifest optimal health from the inside out.

At YBI, we focus on seven principles of optimal health and evaluate each area to help us uncover what is causing the imbalance and subsequently dis-ease.

  1. Nutrition—Food, like hormones are messengers that turn on and off chemical reactions that can modify how our genes behave and ultimately your health as it is expressed.
  2. Digestion—It has been said, you are what you eat and your gut reflects this. It is the core of your health.
  3. Toxicity—Is our waste manager working optimally?
  4. Inflammation—This is a natural response of the body, but if not controlled, can destroy you.
  5. Hormonal Status—Hormones affect every cell in our body, particularly the brain and if out of balance, can lead to dysfunction.
  6. Energy Metabolism—Energy is everything. Are you working optimally on all cylinders?
  7. Mind body Connection—The body cannot live without the mind. Understanding and optimizing this relationship will soothe and help balance all the above.

Traditionally as physicians, we are taught these 7 systems as separate of each other, but in fact they are intricately intertwined in function and physiology. Functional Medicine illuminates this fundamental truth. It is medicine of the future you can access now.