Stress Reduction

San Diego Stress ReductionStress is apart of life. Our goal should not simply be to get rid of stress, for in so doing, you are creating more stress. Rather, our directive is to understand its role in our lives and how it affects us, physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually. At that juncture, we can then learn to adapt to the changes in life which are inevitable and indirectly reduce its affects.

There are volumes of research available to support and show the deleterious effect of unmanaged stress on our bodies. The connection between optimal functioning of our immune system, which is the front guard against disease, can be damaged just by our negative thinking. It is imperative that we acknowledge the fact of this connection and learn to understand how and why our mind functions as it does. We must learn to turn down the volume of incessant chatter of our thoughts. Bio-feedback techniques, meditation, prayer are all proven methods to accomplish this and are essential tools for optimal health and age management.

Initially you will be given a stress assessment test along with the history taken by Dr. Youngblood. Stressors will be identified and a plan will be developed and tailored specific to your needs.